Throughout these Terms & Conditions we refer to 'you' as the customer and 'our', 'us' and 'we' as Hingham Gates Ltd.

  • Deposit

Upon paying your deposit you accept our terms and conditions.

A deposit representing 20% of the order value will be required to add your commission to our order book. This is non-refundable/returnable amount which is not transferable.

If we have been unable to contact you at the point of start of construction of your gates and if we have heard nothing from yourselves nor had no response to our emails for six months then your deposit will be forfeited.

  • Quotation

Following the acceptance of a quote we will carry out a technical site survey.

We reserve the right to vary the original quotation.

Prices offered will only be honoured for one month.

Incorrect prices amounting from human error or computer glitches will not be honoured and refund or compromise price will be offered at our discretion.

Changes or additions to your order may involve an extra charge being applied and or rescheduling of delivery or fitting date.

The quality and description of the goods is as set out in our quotation.

Local Authority bylaws, planning permission, searches, disputes with neighbours, checks etc. max height are all the responsibility of the customer.

Lead times are only an estimate and can be subject to change.

Sizes quoted are subject to a plus or minus tolerance.

Wooden posts and battens will be sawn finished unless otherwise stated.

  • Web Site Images

Images on this site are only used for illustration purposes. The final look of your gates may vary as may the finish.

  • Fitting

All gates will be fitted level and square, if you have uneven gaps underneath this will be due to uneven floor/ground levels.

Regarding the installation of posts for hanging gates or railings they will be shown to you as level and upright as no responsibility can be taken once we leave the site.

When excavating on a customers premises we will accept no responsibility for damage to any amenity service to which we have not been made aware of in writing, this also includes cable TV, telephone, satellite and any other cabling, pipes etc.

  • Risk of Damage

Risk or damage to, act of God or loss of any product, responsibility shall pass to the customer once goods have been delivered or fitted at the agreed customer's premises.

Drilling into any kind of paving slabs/brick/render/plaster/block paving etc for fitting of drop bolts, railings, tie backs etc cannot be guaranteed against cracking or breaking.

  • Colour Differences

Colour differences can occur even in the same timber types.

Colour differences will also be evident across timber types.

If left without UV protection (not recommended) all wood will go silvery grey.

If left under trees or bushes timber will go green.

If painted a solid colour timber will be all uniformed.

Slight colour differences will be evident if stained.

  • Delivery Only Gates

We cannot except any responsibility for damage caused by improper use or fitting.

Full payment required before delivery.

  • Additional Work

Additional work to that specified or any repairs found necessary to exiting fittings during the installation process shall be subject to additional charges.

  • Continuous Improvement Policy

We operate a policy of continuous improvement of our products and we reserve the right to change the specification of our products without prior notification to the purchaser.

If such a change relates to an upgrade in the specification the purchaser will bear no extra cost for any change to the specification.

  • Payment

Legal title to the products shall not pass to the customer until we have received in full the price of the products.

Any outstanding payments not made to us or associated/subcontract companies will void any or all guarantee.

Payment for supply only gates shall be before delivery.

Payment of the price shall be due immediately upon completion of fitting.

Interest on overdue invoices shall commence from the day after the payment became due. A daily rate of 4% above standard base rate will accrue until full outstanding monies are received or judgement has occurred. In the event of legal action being taken, all additional costs occurred will be added to outstanding monies owed.

  • Steel Gates

If your chosen finish gets scratched or chipped you should rub it down and touch it up, this is a small easy job. We cannot accept liability for rust that has appeared on steel frames if conditions have not been met.

  • Guarantee

We guarantee our workmanship for 12 months, however timber is a natural organic material and will contain knots and sap. The timber may well, shrink, warp, twist, crack or shake. This is to be expected and is not a defect we cannot be held liable and or responsible for. In the event of this occurring we will not exchange goods or refund monies. This meets British Standards BS EN ISO9000;1722 paragraphs 4,5,6, & 7 and 14 - no 3470.

No guarantee is given to any existing structures on your property, the strength integrity and suitability of any existing components and any problems arising from their failure in any way will be the customer's responsibility - this includes walls, piers, posts, render, concrete, block work etc.

  • Metal Surface Finish

All metal work is painted.

Steel products are only galvanised where stated in the quotation.

  • Timber Surface Finish

All gates are treated with exterior wood preserver before leaving the workshop.

If we are not painting or top coating your gates for you (this would be on the quote) it is advisable to coat your gates with a good quality UV protective system.

  • Moving Parts

The finishes on moving parts like hinges, latches, drop bolts etc. are not covered by any guarantee as they will endure wear and tear.

Regular maintenance will keep these in good condition.

  • Whats Not Included Within You Quote (unless stated)

Preparation of groundwork, levelling of site and removal of trees, earth banks, or any other obstruction.

Removal of excavated materials, removal of old gates, making good a driveway finish, tarmac or block paving etc. disturbed in the installation process.

Further surface treatment, application of further coats of paint or preservative to steel or timber surfaces.